Royal Luxury Hotel Ruebezahl

The Ruebezahl began as a small family business. Today it's a family-run royal residence, crowned by four stars in superior quality.

What makes it unique and new? We would rather call it a gentle relaunch. The style is unmistakenly the same. The Alpine romantic style has continued to develop consistently and exclusively in an unobtrusively modern style. Luxurious textiles in the living rooms and bedrooms, refined room details, surprising views and breathtaking perspectives create a unique ambience. Our philosophy is and remains a tribute to the king's corner of Ludwig. It is the combination of nature and a majestic location.

Gourmet Royal

Dine as a King - The famous view of the fairytale castle Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. The new Orangery, inspider by the royal model, with pillars and lots of glass, has recently expanded our restaurant spaces. Now more space for creative gourmet moments. The new front cooking area is also a piece of news. There shows our Chief sophisticated and, true to itself, between all the continents. Noon and in the afternoon our guests will find here light delicacies and for the evening with great Menues creations and thematic Buffets.