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Rohrkopfhütte in Schwangau im Allgäu

Welcome to our majestic alpine surroundings – at eye level with the magnificent mountains between Allgäu and Ammer mountains. The Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles seen to be within reach. Here, between Schwangau and Füssen, you can enjoy them to the fullest. You will fall in love with the panorama of mountains and lakes. 
We're looking forward to you! 
The Rohrkopf team and the Thurm family

PS: The atmosphere is always friendly at over 1,000 m in Allgäu.

Rübezahl's alpine loggia in a majestic neighborhood!

Die Rohrkopfhütte - die Berghütte am Tegelberg

Opening hours:

  • Open from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
  • Closed on Tuesdays
  • Open Thursdays from 10:30 am to 10:00 pm (Cabin evening)
  • Mountain breakfast on Sundays from 9:30 to 11:00 am
  Current weather-related opening hours on Facebook!


There is no overnight accommodation at the Rohrkopf cabin.
The cabin can only be reached on foot.

Webcam from the Rohrkopfhütte

The dream view from our mountain cabin. In the valley you see the Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles and the Schwangau Alpsee. Tip: Enjoy this view in person - it's even more beautiful!

Rohrkopfhütten Webcam, Füssen im Allgäu

Webcam from Tegelberghaus

You can see the northwestern view from the Tegelberghaus at 1707m on the Tegelberg Mountain down to the valley. The river is on the left side, further to the right is the southern part of the Forggensee Lake. In the lower part you see Schwangau, the village of the royal castles.

Webcam Tegelbergbahn

Hiking tips to the Rohrkopfhütte, our mountain cabin in Allgäu

If you like to walk uphill step by step - the "Schutzengelweg", or guardian angel trial, leads you through the blosoming alpine meadows to the Rohrkopf cabin. Would you rather float upwards? Then you'll love the Tegelbergbahn lift. 

Descent from the mountain station to the Rohrkopfhütte

Walking time:                                    approx. 45-60 min.
Start:                                               Tegelberghaus
Difference in altitude:                         approx. 560 m

The cable car takes you up to the top station. There is a great vantage point, in summer you can watch the paragliders take off. From the top station turn right immediately. After about 5 minutes you will reach a small ridge. From here the path zigzags down into a larger slope in 5 minutes, then turns right into Grüble. At the lower end of the Grüble, cross half left and walk down into the alpine pastures of the Ilgemösle. Then you come to the Rohrkopf cabin, which you can already see from a distance.


From the valley station via the "Schutzengelweg" 

Walking time:                                  approx. 1 hour.
Start:                                             Talstation
Difference in Altitude:                      approx. 500 m


You start at the valley station of the Tegelberg (parking available for a fee). The Schutzengelweg begins to the left of the summer toboggan run. In the beginning it goes through a forest area. On the way to the hut you will pass great vantage points with views of the Alpine foothills. The trail is very interesting and informative thanks to various information boards. The Romans and the royal family play just as important a role as the economic conditions in earlier times. At the Rohrkopf hut you can recover from the ascent and reward yourself with a cool beer, a hearty snack and a great view!

From the Pöllat gorge over the Maria bridge to the Tegelberg Mountain to the Rohrkopfhütte

Walking time:                              approx. 4 hours
Start:                                         Gipsmühle
Difference in altitude:                  approx. 900 m

The entrance to the Pöllat Gorge is located by the Gipsmühle mill. Take the iron footbridges and well-developed paths, some with stone steps, along the rushing waterfalls up to the Maria bridge. The bridge is known for its great views of the Neuschwanstein Castle. A small path winds its way up in narrow serpentines towards the mountain station. The path then changes to the south side of the mountain flank and back again. Later it meets the yellow wall-climb, and then leads to the last 100 meters of altitude on the course of the ski slope in the direction of Grüble. From there, take the new path on the right above the main run in serpentines to the Rohrkopfhütte.

Good footwear and good physical condition are required!

Winter - ski tours on the Tegelberg Mountain

Ski touring is becoming more and more important as a leisure activity. An educational ski touring trail leads through the picturesque mountain forest off the beaten track.
The Tegelberg ski route is accessible from Monday to Sunday on the designated route.
The Rohrkopfhütte is open until 10:00 pm on Thursdays!