F√ľssen in Allg√§u

Fuessen ‚Äď Romantic small city in Allg√§u

Fuessen, situated at the river called Lech, is just¬†3 km away from¬†Schwangau and our hotel. The city is located at the beautiful lake Forggensee and at the end of the romantic road. It is well-known¬†for its historical roots, which go back two millenia. It is the highest situated city of Bavaria, an dtherefore surrounded by¬†impressive high mountain summits, gentle¬†landscapes with hills and lakes. Also famous is the Musical Hall in F√ľssen, where¬†all varieties of operas, operettes, concerts and ballets are¬†regularly staged.

In Fuessen you can find culture everywhere. The "Old town" and the historical town centre constitute the romantic character of the city. Saunter by the close lanes and taste a good cafe or a regional speciality at the pedestrianzone called "Reichenstrasse". There you will also find a lot of shops and typical souvenirs!

Only a few steps away from the city centre, you will stand in the middle of the country.¬†Culture and nature perfectly united in F√ľssen. Breath in¬†mediterranes flair and let yourself be enchanted.

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